About Our Family

Hi there, my name is Amanda and I live in West Michigan with my amazing husband and two beautiful twin boys. My husband and I met back in 2006 and of course after falling head over heels and madly in love with each other, we got married the fall of 2008.  I could not imagine my life with a more wonderful and loving man. We dreamt of having children from day one, but after 2 1/2 years of struggling with infertility we finally turned to IVF. We were blessed with a pregnancy after our first IVF cycle. This past July we welcomed our amazing fraternal twin boys into our lives and since then everyday has been quite an adventure.
My husband and I live a very active and adventurous life and we love discovering new places and trying new things. It definitely makes our life fun and exciting! So it did not surprise us that we were blessed with twins and they have been bringing excitement and adventure into our lives since day one.
The experience of becoming a parent of twins is something I will never forget.  It has had its challenging and hard times, but mostly it has been filled with so much joy and love. It has definitely been the biggest learning experience of my life. I created this blog to highlight the journey of being first time parents and as we take on the challenges and the many wonderful discoveries of raising twin boys. I hope you follow along with me as we take on the challenges and create the memories that we worked so hard for. Let the fun begin!


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