Friday, September 27, 2013

Classic Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

I wanted to share with you the Classic Winnie the Pooh baby shower that was given to me by my mom back in May. Everything about it was amazing! She put so much thought into every detail and I could not have asked for a more wonderful shower. She based it off of the nursery that Brian and I did for the boys and many of the decor pieces are displayed in their room.
She had two different desserts- one was a beehive cake, which she made using a very neat beehive mold. The other dessert, was cupcakes from a small ice cream and cupcake shop near my home called Sweet Mellisa's. They made a Lemon-Berry cupcake and a chocolate cupcake with a bee on top. I of course had to try all of them and they were all very good.
A fun detail she did was used glass milk bottles, which were Starbucks frappuccino bottles, for beverage cups. My mom had purchased a couple cases of the Starbucks beverage at Costco and since she does not drink coffee, it was up to my dad and sister in law to drink them and I think by the end they were pretty sick of frappuccinos. A couple other things she made were Tigger Tails and bars of honeycomb soaps, which were used as party favors. She found those fun ideas on Pinterest. I was so excited when she made a '100 Aker Wood' sign out of an old wooden pallet that we could put in the boys room. Also to my surprise and delight, she made another sign that said  'we made a wish and two came true.' I fell in love with this saying after we went through our IVF treatment and it was so perfect for our two little boys.
Another fun idea and game she did was scratch off beehive tickets. Every guest got one and which ever beehive revealed 'Pooh' won a prize.
This was so much fun for the guest to do during the shower and they were a fun thing to bring home for the boys to wear through out their first year. For a long time I had wished to be pregnant and to start a family with Brian. After such a long struggle, my mom wanted to give me a wonderful and fun shower; and she definitely did! I was blessed with not only an amazing baby shower, but also some AMAZING gifts. I could not of asked for a more.
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