Friday, September 13, 2013

In Memory of Whites Bridge

Last summer Brian and I were kayaking on a river and we came across this beautiful old, and still in commission, wooden bridge. It was tucked away on a dirt road in a very quiet wooded area. You wouldn't have known it was there unless you used the bridge to get to your home, or you kayaked on the river. It was a really neat thing to come across on our trip. You may say its just an old wooden bridge, but in fact it is the oldest covered bridge in Michigan that is still in use. It was a piece of history so close to home.

 Sadly one year later that bridge was destroyed by a fire. They suspect it was arson, but no one was ever charged for it. During our most recent kayak trip we went back to where the bridge used to be. It's heartbreaking to think that someone would burn down such a  neat historical landmark. I completely forgot that I had taken  these photos of the bridge last year until I stumbled across them right after it burned down this past July. I am glad I took the moment to photograph it.

June 2012
August 2013

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